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the rollercoasters industry of the future

It's time for innovation

More than 60 years of experience in the amusement industry, and more than 700 family roller coasters built: it's time to take the next step and establish something new!

VISACOASTERS is the new brand and division of worldwide renowned Italian amusement rides manufacturer VISA INTERNATIONAL. We aim to supply models of a new generation of family coasters created with new exciting materials and re-engineered structures, and develop a new generation of trains that meets the requirements of a modern design. Besides standard layouts, we offer a tailored design and we produce customized rollercoasters, following customers' needs and requests.

Now just take a seat and let’s get excited about what we have to show you.

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Four kinds of fun

Choose your type of family coaster. Our pro team will design it according to your needs


This model of family coaster has the shape of a boomerang: an open track with two open vertical elements. The train is pulled backwards from the station and up the first lift hill by double friction wheels or only friction wheels. After being released, the train passes through the station, enters a series of elements (depending on the model), and then is pulled up a second lift hill (option 1) or only by gravity (option 2) is released to head backwards through each element once more.


This type of rollercoaster is a fast-track one: the ride starts with high amounts of acceleration via a series of high-performance friction wheels along the launch track. This mode of acceleration is the state-of-the-art technology for family-friendly launch coasters. Launched coasters mainly feature improved speed and acceleration when compared to traditional chain or cable lift coasters. Available in single or double launch or even triple.


This type of rollercoaster is a family coaster and also for kids but there is a reason why it carries the word mega in its name. This track configuration features all elements that are known from real big Mega Coasters, such as steep first drops, s-curves and camelbacks. The target was to make a Mega Coaster available also for kids.


This type of rollercoaster is a mix of our different types of rollercoasters. It can be a Boomerang coaster, a Launch coaster, or a Mega Kids coaster but with special features. It can be a Spinning coaster (our best seller!) on a Boomerang or Launch track. It can also be dueling coasters (two trains running simultaneously on two different tracks) on a Boomerang or Launch track. Available in single or double launch.